The real cure for the ‘woke mind virus’ is in colleges and universities: Steve Hilton

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“The Future Revolution” host Steve Hilton examined the extent to which schools have been infiltrated by the left’s “woke” ideology on his demonstrate Sunday, arguing that the “get rid of for the woke head virus” can only be found in which it originated at establishments of greater understanding.


STEVE HILTON: This is exactly where it all commences, with lecturers and theorists and over time your regional school board, your employers, HR office, AOC, adolescents, they are all speaking fluent ‘woke.’ The dilemma is, the much more they become indoctrinated, the more authoritarian the complete matter gets until eventually it’s practically compulsory if you want to get anywhere in American culture. And that is just about where by we are right now. But to combat back again against ‘wokeism,’ it is not ample just to rail against terminate culture, or complain about woke corporations. We have to go to the supply. The treatment for the woke thoughts virus will be identified in the incredibly location in which culture got sick in the initially area. And which is in the universities. Institutions of larger learning are very influential, irrespective of whether we like it or not, they incubate the leaders of culture. 

Immediately after centuries of executing that with exploration and expansion of human knowledge, in just a few decades, they have been transformed from sites of open inquiry into centers of indoctrination. But in the terrific custom of America, if a thing is not working we do not just moan about it, we develop some thing better.

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