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I was intrigued by your posting (Teachers encouraged to use Taylor Swift lyrics to make Latin available, 7 April). My working experience of remaining taught New Testament Greek in the mid-80s relied on a know-how of existing affairs.

Our trainer, the fantastic Prof Michael Goulder from Birmingham College, utilized to current us with a piece to translate every week, created in his very own honest hand. This may well be a biblical piece, a piece from ancient Greek material, or a up to date news tale.

At the time we were being in the middle of the miners’ strike and I speedily figured out to look for for “Arthur” in the textual content as that was a apparent indicator it was neither biblical nor ancient. It was a fantastic way to instruct us the language as effectively as ensuring we kept up to date on the news.
Dr Fiona Thompson
Shipley, West Yorkshire

In the 1960s, in an hard work to make our Latin classes extra entertaining, our incredibly charismatic teacher, Mrs Howard, gave us the endeavor of translating preferred music into Latin Cliff Richard’s The Youthful Kinds was rather straightforward, relatively far more demanding was The Kinks’ Focused Follower of Fashion, in distinct the line “and when he pulls his frilly nylon panties right up tight”. It labored! We experienced a great deal of exciting and, in opposition to all odds, I managed to move O-stage Latin.
Deborah Lace
Ormskirk, Lancashire

Your posting on making Latin available took me back about 60 a long time. A report on the BBC’s These days programme described a Latin instructor who translated the words and phrases of the Herman’s Hermits hit She’s a Ought to to Prevent to help his pupils understand. As I remember, the title was translated as Stay away from Girls. Oh very well, nihil sub sole novum.
Dr Richard Towers

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