Faculty manager debunks rumor that they delivered kitty litter for ‘furries’

It’s a load of kitty litter.

A Michigan college district has debunked a wild assert that a faculty provided litter containers for pupils who identified as “furries” — men and women who dress up as anthropomorphic animals. A Facebook article detailing the hilarious rumor is blowing up online.

“There is no reality in any respect to this wrong statement/accusation!” wrote Michael E. Sharrow, the superintendent for Midland Community Faculties, close to Detroit, which was accused of the weird concession at a Dec. 20 board assembly.

At the school sit-down, involved parent Lisa Hansen explained she was “really disturbed” following reportedly studying from a college student that “at minimum 1 of our educational institutions in our town, in a single of the unisex bogs, a litter box for the children that establish as cats.

“I’m all for creativeness and creativity, but when a person lives in a fantasy environment and expects other persons to go along with it, I have a difficulty with that,” included Hansen, who defined “furry” as a person who identifies as a “cat or a dog, what ever.”

She also claimed that the “nefarious” follow was section of a nationwide “agenda remaining pushed” inside the schooling system.

Concerned mom Lisa Hansen claimed that the Midland Public Colleges ended up placing out kitty litter for pupils who discovered as “furries.”
Midland General public Educational institutions by using Tale

Footage of her spurious accusation was subsequently shared to Facebook Thursday by Michigan Republican Bash co-chair Meshawn Maddock, who wrote, “Parent heroes will Get Again our faculties.”

That exact same day, superintendent Sharrow took to Fb to explain that the rumor was, in actuality, untrue.

“It is unconscionable that this afternoon I am sending this communication, even so, our Midland PS stakeholders might be perplexed about a wrong message/accusation that has resurfaced this 7 days and is getting traction in the social media realm,” he wrote.

The boss included, “Let me be very clear in this communication. There have in no way been litter bins in just MPS faculties.”

The district has since denied the rumors.
The district has denied the rumors.
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Go figure: the social media criticisms flew rapid and furry-ous.

“I just simply cannot believe this is true,” sputtered 1 incredulous commenter, even though another wrote, “What’s heading on in this city?”

“Clearly it was faux. Me and my two brain cells figured that out,” scoffed one critic.

An additional gawker wondered how the litter box system would even perform, composing: “Logistically … no general public college has the finances to find the money for kitty litter for a little proportion of their local community to use also … talk to you the previous janitor you’ve fulfilled … would they scoop human feces out of a litter box?”

There are an approximated 250,000 individuals in the US who establish as “furries,” a subculture whose associates take pleasure in dressing up as cartoonish animals, occasionally as a sexual fetish but extra frequently as a fun escape.