Elementary students acknowledged as heroes for helping teacher in disaster

1st graders at an Alabama elementary school are becoming hailed as heroes for having swift motion to support their instructor for the duration of a professional medical emergency.

“It was frightening for me simply because I knew that they ended up going to have to see anything probably that they failed to require to,” mentioned Tracy Hodges, a initial-grade teacher at Cedar Hill Elementary in Ardmore, Alabama. “But I failed to know any other way because I couldn’t find my way out the door.”

The fateful school working day in January commenced like any other. There were less pupils in the class than typical, 12 alternatively of the usual 18, since quite a few of them had been at house owing to Covid. The little ones who were at school were sitting at their desks after singing and dancing about the classroom. Hodges states she felt good that early morning but soon noticed her eyesight was becoming blurry.