10 African nations with the optimum selection of universities

Africa is household to lots of tertiary establishments, significantly universities, a handful of which are even ranked among the the very best in the globe. And this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Soon after all, the continent has over 1 billion inhabitants. And there is want to educate all these people.

Prior to we unveil the list of African international locations with the optimum amount of universities, it is essential to stage out that having the most universities does not always translate to much more educated citizens. Also, the fact that a country has the optimum amount of universities as opposed to others, does not important suggest that all the universities in the place are excellent universities.

To reveal this more, Equatorial Guinea is reputed for having some of most educated people today in Africa. However, the region only has 1 college —the Countrywide University of Equatorial Guinea. In the same way, South Africa has some of the most effective universities on the African continent. But the complete quantity of universities in that region is a lot more 50 percent of the universities in Nigeria.

That notwithstanding, we need to not undermine the significance of increased focus of universities in some nations around the world. Usually, nations with huge population are likely to have extra universities in get to accommodate the schooling requirements of all its men and women.

Down below are 10 African international locations with the greatest variety of universities.

  1. Nigeria: Has 262 universities.
  2. Tunisia: Has 204 universities.
  3. Morocco: Has 153 universities.
  4. Kenya: Has 129 universities.
  5. South Africa: Has 123 universities.
  6. Algeria: Has 104 universities.
  7. Ethiopia: Has 73 universities.
  8. Egypt: Has 70 universities.
  9. Ghana: Has 70 universities.
  10. Uganda: Has 69 universities.